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5-9 Years Old

You need a place for you young school aged children to go before and after school where they can be safe and cared for. Before school, your child can start their day with some breakfast and some free-play with thier friends. Our staff will take your child to the bus stop and wait with them until they are safely on the bus. After school, someone will be waiting for your child at the bus stop and accompany them back to the facility. Once there, your grade-schooler will have a snack and some free-play time with their friends before starting their educational time. Every student will be required to spend some of their afternoon starting their homework. There will be a member of our staff dedicated to helping them with any of their needs. If your student does not have homework, we will encourage them to read a short story from one of the books in our expansive library, or start writing a story of their own! Also at this time, tutoring classes will also be made available for those students who could benefit from a professional one-on-one learning experience.